April 07, 2014
I’ve never been surfing but I’ve wiped out plenty.  

I once tried to create a new website, start a new business project, buy a new house, plan a wedding, plan a marriage (two very different things), do my taxes, build a dining room table and lose weight. All at the same time.


Luckily, I got overwhelmed.


There were tears, there was procrastination, there was a movie marathon on the couch and finally, thankfully, there was the realization that I was ...


March 31, 2014
Life is made up of choices.  

Every day you go into the office, you’re making the choice to stick with it.


When life stresses you out, you decide how to react.


You choose to eat healthy food to feel healthy or eat crappy food to feel crappy.


Life is all about your ...


March 24, 2014
I like to turn my morning walks into errands. It makes them much harder to skip when I know I'm supposed to pick up a shirt at the dry-cleaner.   Last week, I took a route that included a stop at post office and got there just as it opened. I was third in line and I thought I'd have plenty of time to still get in a walk.    Twenty minutes later, I was still third in line and fuming. Fuming at the woman taking so long, fuming at the postal employee for being so pleasant about helping her. Fuming.     I sighed, I leaned, I pranced, I fumed some more, I thought about how I was missing out on my ...

March 17, 2014

You just bought a house.


Stay with me.


Imagine you just bought a house and it’s a bit of a fixer-upper.


You dream, you plan, you pin the heck out of ideas, you hire an architect, a contractor and you’re all on the same page. It’s the house plan of your wildest dreams.


You’re ready.



March 10, 2014

I have good news and I have bad news.


The bad news: You’re only ever going to get 24 hours in a day. That’s it.


The good news: That’s all anyone else gets. Mother Teresa? Twenty-four hours. Einstein? Just the twenty-four. Jack Bauer? Shockingly, only twenty-four (although I see how you might be confused).


More good news: That means it can be done.


There IS time to make dinner or exercise. You CAN find ...